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Commission Info!

Here you'll find a list of my prices, what options I offer, what I have available at the moment, as well as my current art queue. Please be sure to read my T.O.S. before commissioning me!

Terms of Service

Includes any and all important information you need to know regarding my designs and commissions!

My Sites!

Links to all my current social media. While I'm not currently active on some of them, feel free to drop a follow! It would be very appreciated!

Commission Info

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Terms of Service

This page covers my T.O.S. regarding my commissions. To see my design T.O.S., click here!

Before You Commission Me:

1. I will not draw any of the following: NSFW, non-pony characters, characters with extra limbs, heavy gore, mecha/heavily robotic characters, and heavily armored/clothed characters2. I maintain the right to decline commissions for any reason, with or without explanation. Commissions are not first-come-first-served!3. I only accept commissions where the character has a high-quality, flat-color digital drawing to use as a reference!4. Complex characters may have added fees5. I take full payment upfront in USD through PayPal or Cash App only6. My wait time typically ranges from 1 week to 2 months. You can see updates on my progress on my Trello!

While You Wait:

1. You’re free to ask for an update whenever you like, though I can’t always guarantee progress has been made. I will also send progress pictures on my own as I make progress2. Once I've started your commission and finished the sketch, I'll send it to you for approval. This is the only time major changes can be made!

My Refund Policy:

1. After payment has been sent, you are allowed to request a refund up until the point where I've completed the sketch and you've approved it. After that, I will not provide a refund of any kind unless the wait time has exceeded 3 months, in which you will automatically be refunded in full regardless of progress made2. If you request a refund, note that the scrapped sketch (if I had started it) may be repurposed in the future, whether that be for personal work or other commissions!

After Your Commission Is Complete:

1. You're free to repost the finished piece to any platform you like as long as you credit me!2. You are not allowed to use my work for commercial purposes unless discussed with me beforehand3. You're not allowed to edit my art in any shape or form. This includes using machine learning or derived technologies (AI art) to modify my work. Do not commission sketches from me only to color them yourself4. You are not allowed to use my artwork for NFTs5. I reserve the right to display the commissioned piece on my social media platforms, online galleries, and in my portfolios


Status: OPEN!

Please be sure to read my Terms of Service before commissioning me!The following are just base rates and may increase depending on oc complexity. To request a quote, send me a message with the completed form which can be found at the bottom of this page!Note that I do not do discounts for extra characters. Max number of characters per piece is 3.

Uncolored Sketch

Fullbody: $5.00
Halfbody: $4.00
Bust: $3.00

Colored Sketch

Fullbody: $12.00
Halfbody: $10.00
Bust: $8.00


Fullbody: $20.00
Halfbody: $16.00
Bust: $12.00

Base Edits

Fullbody: $10.00
Halfbody: $8.00
Bust: $6.00


Shading: +50%
Privacy Fee: $3-$10


Character Reference(s):
Commission Type:
Number of Characters:
Add-Ons: (optional)
Preferred Pose/Expression: (optional)
Any Extra Information: (optional)

Physical Items

Coming Soon

This section is a work in progress!

IMPORTANT: CMYK is the spectrum of colors used for printing. CMYK has far more limitations when it comes to colors than RGB, so please keep in mind that the colors of physical items can/will vary slightly from their digital counterpart. CMYK does NOT handle neon colors very well, especially cyan and green. If you'd like to commission an item but would like to see how your character's palette looks in CMYK first, feel free to send me a message, or follow the tutorial linked below!

Custom Acrylic Keychain

Price: $14 + Shipping

Custom Acrylic Shaker Keychain

Price: $17 + Shipping

Custom Round Button Pins

Price: $TBA